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We help them recognize and fulfill their ability to become passionate artistic collaborators as they develop a deep commitment to the artistic process and a fundamental desire to serve the work of the theatre. We try to expand their views of the world and humanity's place in it as well as deepen their artistic experiences.
It's up to us to provide young people with the tools to build the Theatre Culture of the Twenty-first Century.

Student Innovation Initiative
I have begun to adjust my syllabuses to facilitate student growth and development in the areas of creativity, innovation and invention.   Through projects and applied learning labs I have encouraged students to imagine, create and develop Intellectual property in the pursuit of learning.
Our students don't want to re-invent the light bulb or make another personal computer!  They want to create the The Next Big Thing!
But to find that Next thing will require Courage and Curiosity!

The Next Big Thing will not look familiar and it might seem silly at first glance… So we will all need to be brave and explore with Creativity and Artistry.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation for the creative worker and artist.
Professor Ed Baker
Associate Professor of Theatre
Technology, Innovation & Management
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"The jostling of young minds against each other has this wonderful attribute, that one can never foresee the spark, nor predict the flash."
~ Victor Hugo, Les Miserables
My Research Agenda:
It's rooted in Creativity, Invention and Innovation as guiding principals for the creative worker and artist.

Our contemporary economy provides unlimited career opportunities for students as they enter the working world. By teaching competencies, essential knowledge, and skills proficiency in the areas of creativity, invention and innovation, along with the traditional work of the theatre we provide them with more than just the technical ability to struggle for survival.